Daria Desyatykh

English teacher  


Being a student of FEFU, studying International Relations I have an opportunity to help children with learning English. 4 years ago I finished the School of Foreign Languages where I was studying 4 languages: English, German, French and Chinese. Unfortunately now I haven’t an opportunity to practice in French and German because of lack of time. But I practice a lot in Chinese and English. I communicated with many teachers during my study, thus I know how to help children not to be bored during the lessons.


Since March, 2013 I have been participating in Volunteering. Our University gave me a chance to be a Volunteer of Universiade 2013 in Kazan and Sochi Olympic Games in 2014. I suppose volunteering to be very important part of my student life. It helped me to overcome some internal barriers in communicated with people not only from Russia but other countries as well. I saw a lot of events not from the tribunes but I saw them from the inside.


I can’t say I’m very versatile. I like reading, sport, and painting. But when I have free time I mostly prefer to rest on sofa and analyze everything. And only before going to bed I suddenly remember that I was going to read something or watch my favorite TV series.


Now, while preparing to my first experience as a teacher I understood how serious, responsible and anxiously it is. But I’ll do my best to overcome my fear and help children to know English very well.   






Лагерь лидерства 2018


Родительский форум

8 июля




тел 2-700-619

для смс:

8 914 790 06 19

Жигура 26 - GOAL (зеленый подъезд № 304)




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